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 Does Insect Protection Net Affect Plants' Ability To Absorb Sunlight?

Update:28 Jan

  Everyone knows that an insert protection net has a good protective effect on plants, but people who don't know about insert protection net will also worry that once the insert protection net is covered, it will affect the plant's absorption of sunlight due to the shading effect of the insert protection net. Like this?

  The higher the number of insect protection net meshes, the higher the degree of shading. When used in summer, the sun is sufficient, which has little impact on plants. For example, vegetable sheds use 20-40 meshes. In midsummer, the vegetables themselves also need to reduce the damage caused by exposure Injuries, coupled with the inspect protection net, have the advantages of alleviating exposure to the sun, adjusting the temperature and ground temperature in the shed, and reducing the wind speed. The size of the mesh depends on your specific usage.

  Therefore, the effect of insect protection net on plants should be treated objectively. On the whole, the advantages must outweigh the disadvantages.

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