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Anti-dust Net Is A Common Dustproof Appliance

Update:31 Dec

  An anti-dust net is a dustproof device that we often see. The reason why it is widely used is that it has three characteristics. The following anti-dust net manufacturers will discuss with you in detail.

  Weaving process toughness: After a special weaving method, the warp and weft threads are interlaced, which has anti-aging performance, strong and durable. Not only the mesh body is strong and durable, but the polyethylene material also is more flexible, can prevent the impact of strong winds and rocks, and can effectively absorb ultraviolet rays. Very suitable for construction sites.

  Flame retardancy: Generally, anti-dust net manufacturers add flame retardants during the production process, which is another feature of its widespread use in dust prevention. As we all know, dust-proof places not only contain dust, but also harbor piers filled with combustible coal or combustible materials, and may also be cargo places. Therefore, this dust-proof and the dust-suppressing appliance can play a flame-retardant effect. It is not only dust-proof but also flame-retardant, which makes it distinguish some flammable materials.

  Beautify the appearance of the environment: Generally, there are two colors, generally black for sunshade, and generally green for dustproof. Whether it is black or dust-proof green, it can play a very good decorative effect.

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