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Application Points Of Vegetable Insect Protection Net

Update:07 Jan

  Hello, everyone, today I want to share with you some content about the application of vegetable insect protection net products. After the startling sting, farmers should pay more attention to the prevention of pests. Then this product is also useful in the prevention of pests in vegetable greenhouses. What are the effects? Next, follow us to learn about it, and hope that the introduction of this article can help you all.

  Before we cover the vegetable insect protection net, we can use the soil for rapid disinfection, kill the remaining pathogens and pests in the soil, cut off the transmission route, and use bricks to press and compact around the insect protection net to prevent When pests enter, remember to cover the whole growth period. Generally, cover such as cabbage has a short growth period and only needs enough base fertilizer. No top dressing is required during the growth period to prevent pests from invading. It is mainly used in the production of summer and autumn leafy vegetables. Good varieties with heat resistance and disease resistance, coupled with the coverage of the insect protection net can achieve better coverage. When the small arch canopy is used for cultivating vegetables, the height of the arch canopy should be higher than the height of the crop to prevent the leaves from clinging to the insect protection net. Insects such as jumping beetles can feed on vegetable leaves and lay eggs on the leaf surface. Although the product has a good anti-insect effect, if the temperature is too high, the temperature inside the net and the ground temperature will be higher than those outside the net. It has a great impact on the normal production of vegetables. Therefore, in July and August, when the temperature is too high, you can use this product to control the temperature in the net.

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