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Application of Sunshade Net in Vegetable Greenhouse Cultivation

Update:20 May
1. Early autumn vegetable cultivation: it can reduce disease and sowing early. For the vegetables planted in early autumn, covering the shading net after planting can shading, protecting moisture, shortening the slow seedling period, and accelerating the slow seedling effect.
2. Summer vegetable seedlings: mainly cabbage, broccoli, celery, lettuce and autumn tomatoes. Cover celery, lettuce, and autumn tomatoes with a shade net. Using sunshade nets instead of reed curtains to grow seedlings in summer can achieve the effects of early emergence and high seedling rate. Generally, the seedling rate can be increased by 40% and the seedling quality by 50%.
3. Summer vegetable cultivation: It can extend the market period of over-summer vegetables such as eggplant and sweet pepper. For example, after eggplant is covered in July, the output in July and August will increase by 18.6%, and the sweet pepper will increase by 49.5%. For rapeseed in the summer season, the yield can be increased by 15%, and for autumn sown jojoba, artemisia, early radish, Chinese cabbage, lettuce, coriander, cabbage and other vegetables, it can be sown in advance to summer, and the harvest time is more than 30 days ahead of the market.
It can be seen that shading nets play a very important role in vegetable greenhouses, not only can help us improve work efficiency, but also increase vegetable production, which is simply killing two birds with one stone. I hope everyone strictly follow the operating specifications when using it, so that the superior use effect of the sunshade net can be brought into play.

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