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Disease Prevention Principle Of Insect Protection Net

Update:31 Dec

  It is a kind of artificial barrier, which can keep pests out of the net and achieve the purpose of preventing insects, preventing diseases, and protecting vegetables. In addition, the light reflected and refracted by the Insect protection net can repel pests to some extent.

  Insect protection net features

  1. Insect control: Vegetables are basically protected from many pests such as Pieris rapae, Plutella xylostella, cabbage moth, yellow flea beetle, ape, aphid, etc. The efficacy of the Insect protection net against Pieris rapae, Plutella xylostella, cowpea pod, and Liriomyza Sativa was 94-97% and 90%, respectively.

  2. Prevention and treatment of diseases: Viral diseases are diseases on vegetables that are mainly spread by aphids. Because the Insect protection net is the main way to cut off pests and greatly reduce the infection of vegetable viruses, its control efficiency is about 80%.

  3. Adjusting temperature, soil temperature, and humidity: The experiment shows that in hot July and August, the temperature in the morning and evening is the same as that in the open field, but it is about 1℃ lower than that in the open field at noon on sunny days. In early spring from March to April, the temperature in the shed covered by the Insect protection net is 1-2℃ higher than that in the open field, and the ground temperature of 5 cm is 0.5-1℃ higher than that in the open field, which can effectively prevent frost. Insect protection net room, rainfall can be reduced in case of rain, and evaporation can be reduced on sunny days.

  4. Shading strong light: strong light in summer will inhibit the vegetative growth of vegetable crops, especially leafy vegetables. Insect protection net can play the role of shading and preventing direct sunlight, and its shading rate is generally about 20-25%.

  Number selection

  Pay attention to the aperture when purchasing the Insect protection net. 20-32 mesh is suitable for vegetable yield, and the width is 1-1.8 meters.

  Use the Insect protection net

  1. greenhouse covering: cover the Insect protection net directly on the big shed frame and compact it with soil or brick. In summer, the top pressure line should be tightened to prevent the wind from blowing away. With the front door uncovered for easy access. Close the door in daily life to prevent moths from laying eggs in the shed. In addition, always check whether the Insect protection net is torn (especially if it has a long service life), and repair it in time once it is found, so as to ensure that there is no pest invasion in the net room.

  2. Covering the small arch shed: bend the arch shed with bamboo pieces or steel bars, insert it on the ridge, cover the Insect protection net on the arch frame, and then pour it on the net until the harvest is finished, and then pour it directly on the net until the harvest is finished, without uncovering the net.

  Insect protection net

  According to the statistics of relevant UN organizations, 750,000 people worldwide die every year due to pesticide poisoning. However, according to the statistics of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Health in recent years, the number of people suffering from pesticide poisoning is more than 100,000 every year. Most of the poisoning is food poisoning caused by pesticide residues! It's shocking. Due to the serious pesticide pollution of vegetables in China, it is more and more urgent to popularize the use of Insect protection nets.

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