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Essentials Of Laying Insect Protection Net

Update:31 Dec

  Insect protection net manufacturers want to share with you today the main points about the installation and use of insect protection nets. The installation and use of an insect protection net are very simple, but we still need to pay attention to some key details during the whole installation process. Only pay attention to these. The problem is to make the insect protection net play a greater role, so what should be paid attention to when laying it? Next, follow us to learn about it together.

  The main points of insect protection net laying are as follows:

  1. Insect protection net can be covered by a large shed. The insect protection net is directly covered on the large shed, and the surrounding area is compacted with soil or bricks. Leave the front door uncovered for easy entry and exit.

  2. Horizontal scaffolding covers a field of 2000-3500 square meters with an insect protection net. This form saves mesh and net racks and is easy to operate.

  3. Cover the small arch shed, insert the arch shed into the field with bamboo or steel bars, cover the arch frame with the insect protection net, and then pour the water directly on the net until the harvest, and the net is completely enclosed cover.

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