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Four Precautions For The Use Of Insect Protection Net

Update:02 Jun

  Pest control is very important and difficult management in greenhouse management. Therefore, some farmers now cover insect protection net for insect control, which can eliminate cabbage caterpillars, diamondback moths, aphids, and other pests. But few farmers know the precautions in its use.

  1. Matters needing attention

  Choose a suitable shade net: First consider the mesh, color, and width of the gauze. If the mesh is too small and the mesh is too large, it will not achieve the desired insect-proof effect; and if the mesh is too large and the mesh is too small, although it can prevent insects, the ventilation is poor, resulting in high temperature and too much shading. Conducive to crop growth; generally, 22-24 mesh insect nets should be used. Compared with summer in spring and autumn, the temperature is lower and the light is weak, so white insect-proof nets should be used; in summer, black or silver-gray insect-proof nets should be used to take into account the shading and cooling; in areas with serious aphids and virus diseases, to avoid For aphids and virus disease prevention, silver-gray insect-proof nets should be used.

  2. Pre-coverage processing

  The soil should be disinfected and chemically weeded before being covered by the insect-proof net. The germs and pests remaining in the soil must be killed before the insect-proof net is covered, and the source of the insects must be killed. This is the key link to ensure the coverage of the insect-proof net.

  The quality of the coverage

  The insect-proof net should be completely closed and covered, the soil should be compacted in the vicinity, and it should be firmly fixed with a lamination line; insect-proof nets cover cultivation in small arched sheds, and the height of the scaffolding should be higher than the crops to prevent vegetable leaves from sticking to the insect-proof nets, to prevent pests from eating outside the net or laying eggs on vegetable leaves; insect-proof nets used for air vents, and films, etc. There should be no gaps between the coverings, so as not to leave access for pests; check and repair holes and gaps on the plastic net at any time.

  4. Seedlings

  When planting, the seedlings should be brought into the greenhouse with medicine, and robust plants without pests and diseases should be selected.

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