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Four Precautions For Using Inspect Protection Net

Update:21 Oct

  Greenhouses are particularly prone to attract many insects in summer. To reduce insect infestations, shanties often use insect protection nets to prevent insect infestations in advance. Under normal circumstances, the insert protection net can avoid pests and diseases such as aphids and cabbage worms on vegetables, and can also adjust the temperature of the greenhouse and cut off the transmission of pests.

  We often see that the inspect protection net is mainly white and black, and the following four items must be paid attention to when using it.

  1. Before sowing or planting, use a high-temperature stuffy shed or spray low-toxic pesticides to kill parasite pupae and larvae in the soil.

  2. When planting, the seedlings should be brought into the shed with medicine, and robust plants without pests and diseases should be selected.

  3. Strengthen daily management, close the door of the greenhouse when entering and exiting the greenhouse, and disinfect the relevant utensils before carrying out agricultural operations to prevent the introduction of viruses and ensure the use effect of the inspect protection net.

  4. Always check the inspect protection net for tears. Once found, it should be repaired in time to ensure that no pests invade the greenhouse.

  For greenhouses, pests and diseases are not trivial matters. I hope everyone can use the plastic net to prevent pests and diseases in advance when managing greenhouses.

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