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Functional Characteristics Of Insect Protection Net During Use

Update:27 May

  People have higher and higher requirements for the safety of agricultural and sideline products, more and more people are counting organic vegetables, and farmers have taken necessary countermeasures in the field of insect prevention to provide consumers with green and nutritious green vegetables, then what role does the insert protection netplay when the grower uses the vegetable insert protection net? Next, the insert protection net wholesale manufacturer will introduce the functional characteristics of the insert protection net to you.

  The main functions of the vegetable inspect protection net:

  1. After the vegetable insect protection net is covered, it can not only prevent the occurrence of pests to a certain extent but also avoid the occurrence of cabbage caterpillars, diamondback moths, aphids, and other pests; at the same time, the disease prevention effect is also obvious, especially the aphids. It cuts off the spread of pests, especially the spread of aphids, greatly reduces the prevalence of viral diseases, and prevents the harmful effects of viruses in vegetable greenhouses on greenhouse cultivation.

  2. Insect protection net can make vegetable and fruit greenhouses stronger, promote the growth of vegetables and fruits, and benefit the conditions of crops or greenhouses. Although the insect-proof effect of the insect protection net is common, special attention should be paid to the installation of the insect protection net in Shandong vegetable greenhouses.

  3. Vegetable inspection protection net can reasonably adjust the temperature, soil temperature, and humidity of vegetable greenhouses. When it is hot in summer, if the vegetable greenhouse is covered with a white insert protection net, the temperature inside the greenhouse will be the same as the outdoor temperature sooner or later, which is about 1°C lower than the open-air temperature at noon.

  The vegetable inspect protection net can prevent part of the precipitation from falling into the greenhouse, reduce the humidity in the field, and reduce the incidence of diseases. When the weather is good, it can reduce the evaporation of water in the greenhouse. Of course, this also reflects a certain extent that, in addition to the shading effect, the strong light in summer will inhibit the vegetative growth of vegetables, especially leafy vegetables and fruits. Insect protection net can play a shading role.

  Precautions for the use of vegetable inspect protection net

  1. Insect protection net can play the role of shading and cooling, but during use, the surrounding pressure is too large, the air circulation is not smooth, and the temperature and humidity will be relatively high. Overheated humidity is not conducive to the growth of vegetables, and it is easy to cause rotten seeds, rotten seedlings, leggy, pale leaves, slender plants, and serious seedling fall and death. Therefore, it is advisable to use greenhouse summer cover in production, and pay attention to controlling the humidity in the greenhouse. Generally speaking, only greenhouse summer cover can be used from July to August, and greenhouse cover, small greenhouse summer cover, and flat cover can be used in September.

  2. Due to the strong moisturizing properties of the insert protection net, the field management should be dry. The amount of watering can be changed from every water in the dry evening to once in the morning, and generally do not water at night.

  3. After Xia Gai inspects the protection net, the vitamin C content and vegetable cleaning rate are higher than those in the open field, the appearance and color are better, and there is a certain healing effect. In terms of production, the net can be removed one week before the harvest of vegetable seedlings to restore the growth in the natural environment, making the leaves green and the plants robust; at the same time, it can also improve the utilization rate of the insect protection net.

  4. The vegetable insert protection net has a large investment and should be used for multiple crops. Generally, it can be used for half a year from May to October, and greater benefits can be obtained.

  5. Correct use and storage. After using the insert protection net, it should be compressed, washed, and dried in time to prolong the service life and improve economic benefits. When reused, check the damaged condition, plug the loopholes and sew them in time.

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