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How Many Purposes Are Suitable For Vegetable Greenhouse Insect Protection Net?

Update:31 Dec

  Vegetable greenhouse insect protection net has the functions of light transmission, moderate shading, and ventilation, which can create better conditions for the growth of crops in the greenhouse, greatly reduce the use of chemical pesticides, reduce the cost and time of vegetable farmers to prevent diseases, and improve greenhouse production Efficiency and effectiveness.

  It is more appropriate to choose a 20-30 mesh greenhouse insect protection net for vegetable production. According to the characteristics of vegetables, choose suitable insect protection net and shade-tolerant vegetables. Vegetables should be white insect protection nets with small nets and large nets, and silver-gray insect protection nets should be used for vegetables that are severely damaged by virus diseases to prevent aphids, and the effect is significant. Under the premise of preventing and controlling aphids, the main pests on vegetables are small, and the mesh size is as small as possible to facilitate ventilation.

  After covering the greenhouse insect protection net, due to the small mesh, most vegetable pests cannot penetrate the mesh, so a barrier is formed to prevent pests from entering. 20~30 mesh insect protection net coverage can solve the main pests such as leaf miners, aphids, jumping beetles, cabbage butterflies, diamondback moths, etc. in the shed.

  Expanding knowledge sharing-Covering method of greenhouse insect protection net:

  1. Floating surface coverage.

  In other words, after the summer and autumn vegetables are planted or planted, the insect protection net is directly covered on the side of the crop, and the seedlings are completed or transplanted before they are removed. For example, adding agricultural film to the insect protection net and adding two sunshade nets beside the insect protection net will have a better effect of preventing insects and disasters.

  2. The shed is covered.

  Greenhouse coverage is currently the main way to use insect protection net. Usually composed of galvanized pipes with a span of 6m and a height of 2.5m. The insect protection net is directly covered in the greenhouse, fixed on the waist of the shed with a clamp, and then clamped with a Z-shaped pressing film line. Only when the door of the greenhouse can be opened can the insect protection net cover.

  3. Cover with a small arched shed.

  The small arch canopy covering is also one of the multiple covering methods of greenhouse insect protection net. When used in high-temperature seasons, the temperature inside the net is higher, which is also a major disadvantage of this covering method. The temperature can be reduced by increasing the frequency of watering. Due to the small space under the small arch shed, the specific operation is inconvenient. In some areas, this kind of covering method is used to cultivate Chinese cabbage in summer, with low investment and simple management. It is especially suitable for areas where there is no steel tube greenhouse and has an anti-insect effect.

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