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How To Choose The Right Sunshade Net

Update:13 Jun

  The common colored shade nets on the market today are black and green. Many users often struggle with their aluminum shade nets with good color effects. Shade net color has nothing to do with product quality. The choice of shading nets of different colors is mainly for the aesthetics of the project (covering soil). Dust-proof generally chooses a green shading net, vegetable greenhouse generally chooses a black shading net).

  1. How to choose a suitable sunshade net:

  1. Determine the use of the product, choose the color of the shade net, most of the projects choose green, and the agricultural planting is mainly black shade net;

  2. Determine the density (shading rate) and use area of ​​the shade net: growers must first determine how much shade (such as 70%, 80%) their greenhouse needs when purchasing. Judgments are based on visual observations and measurements. There are 2 errors here:

  Misunderstanding 1: The better the shading net is, the heavier the better: some unscrupulous merchants in the market catch the user that the heavier the weight, the better the psychology. In recent years, this kind of net is characterized by thick, hard, rough, dense mesh, heavy weight, low price, and no clear packaging. The square sales network is generally a new material network with a service life of 3 to 5 years. This network is characterized by lightweight, moderate flexibility, and a clean and shiny surface.

  Misunderstanding 2: Shading sail nets are appropriate according to area or weight: if you buy by weight, you can buy dense nets and fine nets at the same price, it seems that it does not cost much; but if you buy shading nets by area, it is not well hidden. Manufacturers are not enough meters. A dense network must have a higher unit price. After the network density, the weight will naturally be heavier, but the area of ​​the same weight will become smaller. Therefore, the unit price of a dense network is higher than that of a sparse network.

  Users only need to provide "shading rate" and "use area". Weight is just one of the parameters used by manufacturers. Buyers do not need to consider (the manufacturer will calculate the weight according to the square of the shade net, regardless of whether the user's square shade net is calculated by weight).

  Second, how to identify the quality of the mesh: how to identify the quality of the mesh, how to identify the quality of the meshwork

  1. The mesh surface is flat and smooth. The flat yarn is parallel to the slit, neat and uniform, and the longitude and latitude are clear and bright.

  2. The finish is good, with bright light, and deep black, and there is no feeling of floating light.

  3. Moderate flexibility, elasticity, no hard feeling, not rough, there is a smooth space and thick texture.

  4. Regular size packaging, with clear chromaticity, specifications, and dimensions.

  5. No peculiar smell, there is a peculiar smell, and some are just a faint plastic smell of plastic net.

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