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How To Distinguish The Quality Of Sunshade Net?

Update:31 Dec

  When purchasing a sunshade net, you need to pay attention to the certification of the product quality, which can be judged from the appearance of the product. Under normal conditions, the surface of the high-quality product is required to be flat and smooth. When it is used, the latitude and longitude are required to be clean and clear. In the process, it is capable of giving full play to its application performance. Secondly, it is also requested that this product has good brightness, a sense of texture, does not appear rough in use and has a flat and heavy feeling.

  The use of a sunshade net can not only prevent dust, but can also play a role in shading, rain, and cooling in summer, and it can also add humidity and heat preservation in winter. We can judge whether its surface grid is flat and smooth. If its surface is flat enough, steam, and latitude and longitude are clear, it shows that its workmanship is OK. The brightness is also a major basis for identifying quality. It can be seen by looking at the quality of its surface; its flexibility, elasticity, and thick texture are also very important and have a direct impact on the application.

  The packaging of high-quality sunshade net manufacturers' wholesale products are also marked with strict specifications and standards, and the precision-processed sunshade net does not have any peculiar smell, and some have only a faint burnt smell, rather than a very strong smell. This is an unavoidable problem in the production process.

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