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How To Judge Whether Building Net Is Damaged

Update:31 Dec

  The building net is woven into a net by a special process and used as a coal yard fence, which can prevent dust and wind from flying dust. We need to ensure that the overlap is tight and reliable, and there are no gaps. The building net is erected during construction. Stop demolition and removal, assuming that firewood is required to be removed, and can only be removed when there is no work in high places.

  Before we use it, we need to check whether the building net shows damage and corrosion to avoid affecting our use. During the construction, ensure that the building net is in good condition and useful equipment, and the support is reasonable, the force is even, and there should be no debris in the net. When the building net is set up, follow the principle of low inside and high outside.

  The unevenness of the overhead part is generally about 50cm so that we can avoid presenting problems when we use it. Also, the distance between the building net of the equipment and the surface of the object below must be greater than 3m, so that it will not affect our use. Choose regular manufacturers with intact packaging. Choose to build nets of different colors according to your needs.

  Choose different textures, elastic and different quality. Choose well-known manufacturers, try to choose large manufacturers, do not choose small manufacturers, large companies generally produce good quality equipment, which can guarantee the production quality of the building net. Choose a suitable soil cover rate and suitable size to meet actual needs. Choose ones with good gloss and brightness. Choose the ones that have passed the anti-corrosion treatment.

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