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How To Use Insect Protection Net To Control Pests

Update:31 Dec

  Insect protection net is a mesh fabric made of polyethylene with anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet, and other chemical additives as the main raw material. It has high tensile strength, heat resistance, water resistance, corrosion resistance, and aging resistance. Odorless, easy to dispose of waste, etc.

  How to use insect protection net to control pests

  Pest control object

  After covering the insect protection net, it can avoid the pests such as cabbage caterpillar, diamondback moth, cabbage armyworm, Spodoptera litura, yellow beetle, ape leaf insect, aphids, and other pests, and prevent the pests from spreading virus diseases.

  Insect prevention principle

  Insect protection net uses an artificial barrier to keep pests out of the net to achieve the purpose of preventing insects and protecting vegetables. In addition, the light reflected and refracted by the insect protection net has a repellent effect on pests. The application of this technology can greatly reduce the dependence on chemical pesticides.

  Use points

  Soil disinfection and chemical weeding before mulching are important supporting measures. Before mulching, germs and pests remaining in the soil must be killed. The insect protection net must be compacted and sealed to prevent pests from sneaking into and laying eggs. The whole growth period is covered. Insect protection net can shading, but not too much. It does not need to be covered during the day or night, and the whole process should be covered.

  In case of strong winds of levels 5 to 6, the network cable must be pulled up to prevent the wind from lifting the network. Choose the appropriate specifications. The specifications of the insect protection net include width, aperture, wire diameter, color, etc., especially the aperture. If the mesh is large, it will not have the anti-insect effect; if the mesh is small, it will shade too much, which is unfavorable to the growth of crops.

  At present, the suitable mesh size is 20-32 mesh, the wire diameter is 0.18 mm, the width is 1.2-3.6 meters, and it is white. Comprehensive supporting measures, selection of heat-resistant, disease-resistant varieties, use of pollution-free organic fertilizers, biological pesticides, and micro-spray technology can achieve coverage effects.

  Humidification and cooling are timely. When the temperature is higher, the temperature inside the net and the ground temperature are about 1℃ higher than those outside the net, which will affect the production of vegetables. Therefore, in the high-temperature season from July to August, the frequency of water supply can be increased, and the humidity in the network can be maintained to increase humidity and reduce temperature.

  Application range

  Protected vegetable production. It is mainly used in Chinese cabbage, cabbage, cauliflower, solanaceous fruit, and melon vegetables in summer and autumn. Vegetable seedling cultivation in summer and autumn can improve the emergence rate, seedling rate, and seedling quality. For example, using insect protection net to raise seedlings and cover with plastic film can effectively control mustard virus disease. Cultivate strong seedlings without viruses, and the effect of increasing production is obvious.

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