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How To Use Insect Protection Net To Grow Fresh Vegetables

Update:31 Dec

  The insect protection net covering cultivation method is one of the important measures for the production of agricultural products. It has opened a new mode of leafy vegetable cultivation. Don’t underestimate this small mesh fabric not only for large-scale vegetable cultivation but now you can also use this product in your small courtyard. Especially in the spring season when everything is revived, plant some vegetables that you like to eat in your small courtyard or balcony for your consumption to be green and healthy. Watching the vegetables you grow up day by day, should be so pleasant Today I will introduce to you how to use this product to grow fresh and healthy vegetables.

  The main technical characteristics of insect protection net planting vegetables are summarized as follows:

  1. The use of mesh fabric for covering cultivation technology during the seasons of the year, especially in the summer planting of eggplant or leafy vegetables, can effectively improve the small environment for vegetable growth in the shed, and can more effectively prevent pests and diseases.

  2. Before mulching, it is necessary to kill the remaining pathogens and pests in the soil to block the source of transmission. Before sowing, add carbofuran to the soil, phoxim to control underground pests, and then use Lvxiang No. 1 liquid and No. 2 liquid to prevent and controls land infectious diseases.

  3. There are two types of cover. One is the greenhouse covering method, which is to directly cover the scaffold, compact with soil or bricks around it, fasten the scaffolds with a film line, and leave the door at the main entrance of the greenhouse, which is convenient at any time. Access; the second method is the horizontal scaffolding method. This method is to cover a field of 3 to 5 acres. This kind of net room has a relatively large area, and the operation can be carried out directly in the net room, which is more cost-effective.

  4. The product can be applied in a wide range now, it is suitable for the production of leafy vegetables, solanum fruits, and melons. It can be described as "one network with multiple functions".

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