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How To Use Inspect Protection Net In High Temperature And Stuffy Shed

Update:22 Jul

  In the summer and high-temperature seasons, there are many pests, and crops such as vegetables are cultivated in solar greenhouses and large arched sheds. Insect protection nets should be installed on the ventilation openings. After the high-temperature stuffy shed, you must pay attention to the following three points:

  1. Cover the inspect protection net immediately after the high-temperature stuffy shed. At this time, it is still a period of occurrence of various pests. Before planting, the solar greenhouse should be removed from the previous stubble. After high-temperature stuffing, sterilization, disinfection, and insecticide, the insect protection net should be covered immediately to obtain good insect control. effect.

  2. If the shed is not covered in time after the high temperature is stuffy, the installation of the inspect protection net in the middle of vegetable cultivation should be coordinated with the fumigation and pest control. When installing the insert protection net, first eliminate the hidden pests in the shed, to obtain a good effect of covering the insect protection net.

  Therefore, the control method is: when covering the insert protection net, it is necessary to use aerosol fumigation to fumigate and kill the Bemisia tabaci, whitefly, aphids, etc. in the greenhouse. Killed twice. In this way, covering the inspect protection net can obtain a good pest control effect.

  In addition, in the production of green and organic vegetables, the entire growth period of each crop of vegetable cultivation is covered with the inspect protection net. Because the insect protection net has less shading, there is no need to cover the front and back, open the front and back, or open the day and night, which is suitable for the stubble of vegetables in various periods. Do not give pests a chance to invade, to receive a satisfactory pest control effect.

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