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Common Sense Of Application Of Anti-dust Net On Construction Site

Update:09 Oct

  The basic situation and common sense of the application scope of construction site anti-dust net, the next editor will share some relevant information of the investigation with us, hoping to change our prejudice and have a deep understanding of construction site anti-dust net. In this way, we can also know what to do when buying and using anti-dust net on the construction site. Don't panic, I hope it will inspire and help us.

  The anti-dust net on the construction site uses the principle of aerodynamics, and according to the air hole test results of the construction site environment, it is processed into a certain shape, opening rate and different combination of air holes, so that the flowing air (strong wind) can pass through the wall from the outside. At the time, the air flow that is stirred up and down is formed on the inside of the wall, and the strong wind on the outside, the weak wind on the inside, the small wind on the outside, and the no wind on the inside are used to avoid the flying of dust. This skill is currently in a major position in the country. The wind and dust suppression wall is composed of three parts: independent foundation, steel structure support and wind deflector.

  Use of site anti-dust net:

  Construction site anti-dust net is mainly used to prevent people and objects from falling, reduce the damage of falling objects, protect the safety of workers and pedestrians at heights and clean the construction site. Features: high net density, the general vertical anti-dust net is 800 mesh/100 square centimeters, the net density of this product is 2000 mesh/100 square centimeters. Therefore, objects with a bottom area of ​​less than 100 square centimeters such as gravel and brick fall, and their dust-proof function is far greater than that of general anti-dust net.

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