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What Should Sunshade Net Pay Attention To When Storing

Update:22 Apr

  The use of sunshade nets has become more and more extensive in recent years, and there are many applications in agriculture, fishing, and animal husbandry, which have greatly promoted the prosperity and development of agriculture. Special attention should be paid to the storage of shade nets.

  Since the shade net is made of polyester material, it has a soft, smooth, and durable texture. Therefore, when using the sunshade net, you need to pay attention to preservation. Proper storage and preservation can prolong the service life of the sunshade net, to achieve the purpose of multiple-use.

  1. Before storing the sunshade net, you need to choose the right weather. Generally, when it is cloudy, it is better to dry it first, and then roll it up;

  2. If there are water droplets on it, it should be rolled up after drying to avoid mud pollution. If it is polluted, it can be cleaned with a sprayer and put away after drying;

  3. It is required to be more ventilated in the storage place, avoid direct sunlight, put it on a shelf, and prevent the occurrence of insects and rat bites.

  Shade net manufacturers remind consumers to do a good job in the use and storage of shading nets after use, to achieve the recycling of shading nets. I hope the above content can be helpful to you.

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