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Introduction To The Correct Use Process Of Insect Protection Net

Update:08 Jul

  Today, let's take a look at the correct use process of vegetable insect protection net. This kind of product mainly plays the role of pest control and sunshade and belongs to a new material to prevent vegetable pests. So what is the correct use process for this type of product? Let's take a look at plastic net manufacturers together, I hope the introduction in this article can be helpful to everyone.

  Let's take a look together, I hope the introduction of this article can be helpful to everyone.

  The correct use process of vegetable inspect protection net is described as follows:

  1. Covering form, cover the inspect protection net directly on the greenhouse, compact it with soil or bricks around it, fasten it with a lamination line on the net, and leave the front door to uncover the cover.

  2. Bend bamboo pieces or steel bars into small arches, insert them on the surface of the field, cover the arches with the insert protection net, and pour water directly on the net afterward.

  3. Covered with horizontal scaffolding.

  4. The product has less shading, no need to cover day and night or cover the front and back. It should be covered all the way so that there is no opportunity for pests to invade, to obtain satisfactory insect control effect.

  5. Soil disinfection. After the previous crop is harvested, the residues and weeds of the previous crop should be removed from the field in time and burned in a centralized manner.

  6. 10 days before the construction of the shed, flood the vegetable field with water for 7 days, drown the eggs and aerobic bacteria of the surface and underground pests, then remove the stagnant water, let the sun exposure for 2-3 days, and spray the whole field with pesticides Bacteria and insecticide.

  7. The product should be compacted and sealed around to prevent pests from sneaking in and laying eggs.

  8. When covering cultivation in a small arched shed, the arched shed should be higher than the crops to avoid the vegetable leaves from sticking to the insect protection net, to prevent pests such as yellow-striped flea beetles outside the net from feeding on the vegetable leaves and laying their eggs on the vegetable leaves.

  9. Select the appropriate aperture, and pay attention to the aperture of the product when purchasing.

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