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Pay Attention To The Use Of Insect Protection Net

Update:31 Dec

  Insect protection net cover cultivation is a new practical and environmentally-friendly agricultural technology that increases production and builds artificial isolation barriers on the scaffolds to keep pests out of the net, cut off the propagation pathways of pests (adults), and effectively control all kinds of pests.

  Problems that should be paid attention to when using insect protection net

  1. Some vegetable growers take the netting off one week before the vegetable seedlings are harvested to restore the growth in the natural environment so that the color of the leaves turns green and the plants are strong.

  2. After covering the insect protection net, the vitamin C and clean vegetable rate are higher than that of the open field, and the appearance color is better than that of the open field. It is popular in the market, but the chlorophyll content in the leaves is relatively lower and the nitrate content is increased compared with the open field. This may be related to the insect protection net. The protection net shading is related to the heating effect.

  3. Properly use and keep the insect protection net. After field use, it should be pressed, washed, blow-dried, and rolled up in time to extend the service life and increase economic benefits. When using it again, check the damage and plug the loopholes in time. Gap.

  4. Due to the strong performance of the insect protection net, field management is drier than open field management. The watering of cabbage was changed from once in the morning and once in the evening to once in the morning, and generally no watering at night.

  5. Insect protection net is made of polyethylene as the raw material and is woven by wire drawing. It has the effect of shading and cooling, but during use, the surrounding pressure is tight, the air circulation is not smooth, and the temperature and humidity are relatively high. The study found that the higher the outside temperature, the greater the increase in temperature and humidity inside the network, and the greater the temperature and humidity of the small shed, the more obvious the effect of the larger shed.

  High temperature and high humidity are bound to be detrimental to the growth of vegetables. It is easy to cause rotten seeds, rotten seedlings, overgrowth, lighter leaf color, and slender plants. In severe cases, Kang seedlings and wither will appear. Therefore, it is advisable to use a large shed to cover production and pay attention to controlling the humidity in the shed. From July to August, it can only be covered with a large shed. In September, it can be covered with a large shed, a small shed, or a flat cover.

  Vegetables insect protection net has the advantages of sunshade nets, it can also prevent insects and diseases, and greatly reduce the number of pesticides used. It is a key facility for pollution-free vegetables.

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