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Precautions For Using Sunshade Net In Rain And Snow

Update:24 Dec

  The weather is getting colder and the rain and snow are not far away. Cooling and precipitation, continuous low temperature, and low light may have a serious impact on the vegetables and fruits in the greenhouse. Therefore, it is particularly important to pay attention to the correct use of sunshade net in rainy and snowy weather. Here, the sunshade net manufacturer will give you a specific introduction:

  Strengthen the management of greenhouses. In the process of vegetable greenhouse production and management, light management must be strengthened. Under the premise of conducive to heat preservation, the cover should be removed as soon as possible to see more light, prolong the light exposure time, and increase light as much as possible. After the continuous low temperature, rainy, snowy weather, and sunny weather, attention should be paid to the greenhouse in time to return the curtain to cover the sunshade net to prevent the plants from withering and death, and to keep the greenhouse warm.

  In the winter, rainy and snowy weather, insufficient light and heat in the greenhouse makes it difficult to heat the greenhouse in winter, and it is covered with covering materials. The inner shed can be covered with thermal insulation covering materials such as straw curtains, sunshade net, etc., and the outer can also be covered with an apron. The use of multi-layer covering and thermal insulation technology can increase the night temperature inside the greenhouse and effectively overcome the low-temperature barriers in winter.

  The use of "three sheds and four membranes", that is, large shed + middle shed + small shed + ground film, is an economical and effective thermal insulation measure. Control the ventilation time. Ventilate in the morning and cover the film in the morning. In case of strong cold air, it can be heated by electric heating or other facilities.

  The growth rate of crops in winter is relatively slow. If you don’t pay attention to relevant protection work in rainy and snowy weather, vegetables will not be protected and cause losses. I hope that the coverage points of the sunshade net improved above can help you effectively.

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