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Preparatory Measures For Using Insect Protection Net

Update:31 Dec

  Insect protection net is covered in the greenhouse, which can effectively prevent and control diseases and insect pests, adjust the temperature, soil temperature, and humidity. However, if the coverage rate is not good, not only the expected results will not be achieved, but it may be counterproductive. Therefore, before and after covering the greenhouse insect protection net, the following preventive measures cannot be ignored.

  1. Before sowing or planting, use a high-temperature airtight shed or spray low-toxic pesticides to kill the pupae and larvae of soil parasites.

  2. When planting, try to bring the seedlings to the shed, and choose strong and disease-free plants.

  3. Strengthen daily management. The entrance and exit of the greenhouse must be strict. Before agricultural operations, relevant equipment should be disinfected to prevent viruses from entering and ensure the effectiveness of the insect protection net.

  4. Always check whether the insect protection net is torn. Once found, repair it in time to ensure that there is no pest intrusion in the greenhouse.

  5. Ensure coverage. The insect protection net should be fully enclosed and covered with soil around it, and fixed with a film thread; the doors of large, medium, and greenhouses should be equipped with an insect protection net and closed immediately. Insect protection net covers the cultivation of small arch sheds, and the height of the scaffolding is much higher than the height of the crops to prevent vegetable leaves from sticking to the insect protection net and prevent pests from feeding or laying eggs outside the net. There must be no gap between the insect protection net used to seal the vent and the transparent cover, so as not to leave a passage for pests.

  6. Comprehensive supporting measures. In addition to covering the greenhouse insect protection net, it also combines comprehensive supporting measures such as disease-resistant varieties, heat-resistant varieties, pollution-free combined fertilizers, Jiamei dividends, Jinli, profitable, biological pesticides, pollution-free water sources, and micro-sprinkler and micro-irrigation.

  There is also the correct use and proper storage: After the greenhouse insect protection net is used, it should be collected, cleaned, dried, and rolled up in time to extend the service life and improve economic benefits.

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