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Sunshade Net Not Only Shades But Also Keeps Out The Cold

Update:31 Dec

  A few days ago, there was a consumer inquiry, after the weather turns cold, can sunshade net withstand the severe cold? How should it be set up best? Below, let the professionals of the sunshade net give us a detailed answer.

  First of all, the sunshade net is one of the sunshade products widely used in agricultural construction. Its main function is to help crops resist the direct damage caused by summer heat and ultraviolet rays, and has achieved the purpose of cooling down and creating shade. So when the weather turns cold and the temperature drops, can the sunshade net withstand the severe cold?

  Professionals said that in addition to sunshade net can shade and cool crops in summer, it can also play a good moisturizing and heat preservation effect in autumn and winter. The main reason is that the sunshade net is directly covered outside the greenhouse. Due to the use of special raw materials such as polyethylene, the internal humidity and temperature will not be lost and quickly volatilized. The external cold air and rain are also isolated from the sunshade net, to achieve the effect of sun shading and cooling in summer and heat preservation and moisturizing in winter. According to the different seasons, the internal crops are always in the most comfortable growing environment. Please feel free to use it.

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