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Talking About The Development Prospect Of Insect Protection Net

Update:11 Nov

  According to the current development situation, the production of green vegetables and high-quality food for export must use the insect protection net, otherwise, it will be regarded as unqualified products and cannot be exported. According to the statistics of relevant organizations of the United Nations, there are 750,000 people in the world every year. Pesticide poisoning occurs, and most of the poisoning is caused by food poisoning caused by pesticide residues in vegetables. The number of 750,000 is shocking. Based on this alone, it is urgent to promote the use of mulching as a cultivation technique.

  Now developed agricultural countries and regions such as Israel, Japan, etc. have achieved fruitful results in the use of inspect protection net. Its main function is to isolate and prevent pests from entering, which greatly reduces the chance of pests spreading diseases.

  Research comparison shows that after papaya is planted, the incidence of the virus in greenhouses is only 0.3%, and the incidence rate of non-use is as high as 90%. Good results have also been achieved in crops such as melons and crucifers after experimental use. , In recent years, domestic agricultural scientific research institutions have also begun to develop this product technology, and it is currently in the promotion stage. I believe that this product technology will be popularized one day shortly. The plastic net development prospects are limitless.

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