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The Difference In Density Of Insect Protection Net Products

Update:04 Jul

  When we buy and use the inspect protection net, we will encounter such a problem that different types of products will have different densities. What type of products is suitable for us? So, how do we deal with this problem? This is a question I want to introduce to you today. Let's follow DONGHE plastic net manufacturer to understand this issue.

  Generally speaking, the density of the two-needle insert protection net is 30-60%. The characteristic of this insert protection net is that the density is relatively low, but the price is quite cheap, which is almost one-third of the six-needle insert protection net and the three-needle insert. The density of the protection net is 65-80%. This kind of insert protection net is more suitable for vegetables. It is characterized by average density and average price. , The density of the four-needle insert protection net is 80-90%. The density of this insert protection net is slightly denser than that of the three-needle but thinner than that of the six-needle insert protection net. This inserts protection net should be regarded as an improved version of the three-needle insert protection net. , it can also be said that it is a transitional version of the three-pin insert protection net to the six-pin insert protection net. The sales of this insert protection net are the lowest among all the insert protection nets. The density of the six-needle insert protection net is 85-95%. The well-deserved king of density is of course the last one to appear. The ultra-high density of the six-pin insert protection net is enough to disdain all the insert protection nets, with a shading rate of up to 95%. It is a height that other inspect protection nets cannot reach at all.

  The above is the basic difference in density of different types of insect protection net. I hope the above introduction can bring you some hints and help!

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