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The Greenhouse Insert Protection Net Should Be Carefully Covered

Update:02 Apr

  We all know that vegetables are particularly afraid of pests and diseases, and pests and diseases are also a headache for many vegetable greenhouse owners. Therefore, the installation of the greenhouse insert protection net will be very necessary. The coverage of the insert protection net can effectively solve the problem of vegetables. It can also adjust environmental factors such as humidity and temperature in the greenhouse to ensure the healthy growth of vegetables. However, the manufacturer of the insert protection net reminds everyone that you must worry more about the coverage of the insert protection net.

  1. First of all, in the selection of the greenhouse insert protection net, the mesh number, color, and width of the gauze should be considered. If the mesh is too small and the mesh is too large, it will not achieve the desired insect-proof effect; and if the number is too large, the mesh is too small, although it can prevent insects, the ventilation is poor, resulting in high temperature and too much shading, which is not conducive to Crops growth. Generally, 22-24 purposes of the inspect protection net should be used. Insect protection net manufacturers believe that in spring and autumn, compared with summer, the temperature is lower and the light is weaker, so white insect protection net should be used; in summer, to take into account shading and cooling, black or silver-gray insect protection net should be used; in aphid and virus disease In areas with the severe occurrence, to repel aphids and prevent virus diseases, silver-gray insect protection net should be used.

  2. To ensure the quality of coverage, the greenhouse inspection protection net should be fully enclosed, and the surrounding areas should be compacted with soil and firmly fixed with lamination lines; the doors entering and exiting the large, medium, and greenhouse must be installed with the insert protection net, and pay attention to close it immediately when entering and exiting. . The small arched shed is covered with the insert protection net, and the height of the shelf should be significantly higher than that of the crops, to avoid the vegetable leaves from clinging to the insert protection net, to prevent pests from eating outside the net or laying eggs on the vegetable leaves.

  There should be no gap between the inspect protection net used for closing the air vent and the transparent cover, so as not to leave an entry and exit channel for pests. Check and repair holes and gaps on the inspect protection net at any time.

  3. Pest control treatment Seeds, soil, plastic sheds or greenhouse skeletons, frame materials, etc. may contain pests and eggs. After the greenhouse is covered by the insert protection net and before the vegetables are planted, the seeds, soil, greenhouse skeleton, frame materials, etc. must be treated with insecticide. This is the key link to ensure the effectiveness of the insert protection net.

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