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The Importance Of Sunshade Net To The Growth Of Crops

Update:31 Dec

  As a new type of covering material, sunshade net is widely used in vegetable production like agricultural plastic film. Originally it was mainly used in the summer and autumn high temperature seasons. Now it has been extended to the annual use. It is an indispensable auxiliary material for the annual use of greenhouse facilities. It can be said that crops Sunshade net is indispensable for growth, which plays a very important role.

  The main function of sunshade net is to prevent the hazards of strong light and high temperature, heavy rain, strong wind, frost and birds and insects, and can provide good environmental conditions for the growth and development of crops.

  Covering with shading nets can reduce the light intensity in the shed by 50-90%, and the water evaporation can be reduced by more than 50% compared with the open field, thus forming a small and cool microclimate environment, keeping the soil moist, and beneficial to the growth of vegetables. Insulation, cold resistance, frost prevention, wind and dust prevention, etc. In late autumn and winter and early spring, the temperature can be increased by 2-5℃ compared with the open field by covering the shading net at night.

  After covering with sunshade net, the light intensity can be reduced to a suitable range for crop growth to facilitate the progress of photosynthesis. At the same time, after covering the sunshade net, it can also slow down the wind speed and reduce the evaporation of soil moisture after covering the sunshade net, which is conducive to moisture and drought prevention, and reduces the mechanical damage caused by storms to vegetables, sediment pollution and soil compaction harm to vegetables.

  sunshade net can also reduce pests and diseases. If covered with silver-gray nets, aphids can be avoided and virus diseases can be reduced; closed all-day coverage can prevent various pests such as cabbage butterfly, plutella xylostella, and Spodoptera litura from laying eggs on vegetables, reducing pests and realizing crops Pesticide-free and less pesticide cultivation.

  With the continuous development of production, the application scope of sunshade net has expanded from vegetable production to flower and seedlings, edible fungi, animal husbandry, aquatic products and other production industries, and its coverage is becoming more diversified. As long as it is used properly, its protective effect is still Very good.

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