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The Insect Protection Net Needs To Be Covered During The Full Growth Period

Update:19 Feb

  Insect protection net uses artificially constructed barriers to keep pests out of the net to achieve the purpose of preventing insects, preventing diseases, and protecting vegetables. In addition, the reflected and refracted light of the inspect protection net also repels pests.

  Insect protection net covering technology in greenhouse orchards is an important technology that plays an important role in green organic agricultural planting. Why do you need to cover insect protection net in the whole growth period? Do you know the reason?

  Mainly because the cultivation of vegetables using orchard insect protection net in the south in summer has become an important technical measure for disaster prevention and protection.

  In summer, the main effect of orchard inspect protection net coverage is to prevent exposure to the hot sun, avoid the erosion of heavy rain, reduce the harm of high temperature and prevent the spread of diseases and insect pests.

  The orchard’s insect protection net does not have much shading, and it is not necessary to cover it day and night or cover it in the clear and shade.

  When the greenhouse is covered, the orchard inspect protection net can be directly covered on the scaffold, and the surrounding area is compacted with soil or bricks to prevent pests from swimming in and laying eggs.

  When the small arch shed is covered, the height of the shed should be higher than the height of the vegetable crops. Generally, the arch height is required to be more than 90 cm, to avoid the vegetable leaves from sticking to the orchard insect protection net, and prevent the insects outside the net from eating the vegetable leaves and laying eggs.

  The orchard insert protection net is breathable, and the surface of the leaves is still dry after covering, which reduces the occurrence of diseases.

  Light transmittance, and it will not "cover yellow and rot" after covering. Now the orchard inspect protection net is generally used in summer, especially in the south, the area is very large.

  The above is the related matters of the orchard inspect protection net, I hope it can help you!

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