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The Installation And Use Of Insect Protection Net Is Exquisite

Update:04 Nov

  The greenhouse inspect protection net can play a certain role in shading and shading. Insect protection net is generally black and white, and the commonly used silver gray has a good repelling effect on aphids, and the color can be selected according to practical application requirements. However, when used alone, it is recommended to choose silver or black, and when used in combination with coloring, it is recommended to choose white. Grids usually choose between 20 and 40 grids.

  The insect protection net should be fully closed, and the surrounding should be firmly pressed with soil, and firmly fixed with the lamination line. Doors to enter and exit large, medium shelves and greenhouses need to be installed with inspect protection net and be careful to close them when entering and leaving. A small arch-shaped insert protection net was cultivated, and the height of the shelf was significantly higher than that of the crops. It was necessary to avoid the leaves from clinging to the insert protection net and to prevent pests from eating or laying eggs outside the net. The inspect protection net used to close the air outlet must not leave a gap with the transparent cover, so as not to leave an entry and exit passage for pests. Check and patch holes and gaps in the insert protection net at any time.

  Compared with summer, the temperature is higher in spring and autumn, and the light wall, choose a white insert protection net, choose a black shade net or silver insert protection net in summer, pay attention to shading and cooling, in areas with serious aphids and virus diseases, choose gray insert protection net to prevent aphids, To prevent virus diseases, it also has a certain thermal insulation effect in winter.

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