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The Main Role Of Insect Protection Net

Update:04 Mar

  With the continuous development of the insect protection net industry, the application of vegetable insect protection nets has been very extensive. Why do so many people choose to use the inspect protection net product?

  (1) insect protection net For vegetable greenhouses, on the one hand, insert a protection net can effectively prevent insects. After covering the insert protection net, it can avoid a variety of pests such as cabbage caterpillars, diamondback moths, aphids, etc.; The role of disease, especially the spread of aphids, cuts off the transmission of pests, especially the spread of aphids, greatly reduces the incidence of virus diseases and avoids the disastrous consequences of virus transmission for vegetable greenhouse cultivation.

  (2) insect protection net can make the vegetable greenhouse better promote the growth of vegetables, whether it is beneficial to the crops planted or the environment in the greenhouse. Although insect protection net has a wide range of functions, when it is installed in Shandong vegetable greenhouses, it should be paid attention to.

  (3) insect protection net can effectively adjust the temperature, soil temperature, and humidity of vegetable greenhouses. In hot summer, if the vegetable greenhouses are covered with a white insert protection net, the temperature in the greenhouse in the morning and evening will be the same as that in the open air, and at noon it will be 1 lower than that in the open air. ℃; and in the spring and autumn seasons covered with black inspect protection net, can achieve the effect of heat preservation, can effectively reduce frost.

  (4) insect protection net can prevent part of the rainwater from falling into the vegetable greenhouse, reduce the humidity in the field, reduce the incidence of disease, and reduce the evaporation of water in the greenhouse on sunny days. Of course, in addition to the shading effect, the strong light intensity in summer will inhibit the vegetative growth of vegetables, especially leafy vegetables. Insect protection net can play a certain role in shading and shading.

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