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What Are The Benefits Of Using An Insect Protection Net?

Update:31 Dec

  Insect protection net cover cultivation is a new and practical environmentally-friendly agricultural technology that increases production and builds artificial isolation barriers on the scaffolds to keep pests out of the net, cut off the propagation pathways of pests (adults), and effectively control various pests on crops. s damage.

  So what are the specific benefits of using an insect protection net?

  1. Social benefits

  It has greatly improved the insect-proof and disaster-resistant capabilities of summer and autumn vegetables and solved the problem of vegetable shortages that have plagued vegetable farmers and citizens at all levels for a long time. The social effect is self-evident.

  2. Economic benefits

  Insect protection net coverage can realize vegetable production without spraying or less spraying, thus saving drugs, labor and costs. The use of insect protection net increases the production cost, but due to the long service life of the insect protection net (4-6 years), the use time is long (5-10 months) in the year, and it can be used in multiple crops (planting leafy vegetables can produce 6 -8 crops), the input cost per crop is low (the effect is more obvious in disaster years). The vegetable quality is good (no or less pesticide pollution), and the effect of increasing production is good.

  3. Ecological benefits

  Environmental issues have attracted more and more attention. The control effect of chemical pesticides is remarkable, but many disadvantages have been exposed. The frequent use of pesticides has caused the pollution of soil, water, and vegetables. Poisoning incidents occur every year due to accidental eating of vegetables contaminated by pesticides.

  Pests are becoming more resistant to pesticides, and it is becoming more and more difficult to control them, and pests such as Plutella xylostella and Spodoptera litura have even developed to the point where there is no cure. Insect protection net cover cultivation is to achieve the purpose of insect prevention through physical control methods.

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