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What Are The Different Characteristics Of An Anti-dust Net?

Update:19 Aug

  Through the survey feedback, customers will more or less always encounter some difficult problems in the process of using an anti-dust net. In line with the principle of convenient customer service and customer service, we will open some common sense activities about anti-dust net products on time, and discuss with us the problems that customers often encounter or are difficult to solve, and find solutions. Hope to bring assistance to customers and make better use of the company's products. Well, this issue's description, DONGHE Plastic Net Manufacturer, explains what are the characteristics of the anti-dust net.

  The weaving process adopts a special weaving process to weave a common and useful net knot. Even if artificial damage occurs, the knot will not be linearly opened, and the repair is simple and convenient. Under normal conditions, there is almost no maintenance cost. Impact resistance Because the mesh body is a flexible material, it has good flexibility. It can withstand the impact of hail (strong wind) and has strong impact resistance.

  The flame retardant flexible windproof anti-dust net will be involved in the production of flame retardants. After passing the flame retardant function test, it can fully meet the production requirements. The anti-ultraviolet (aging-resistant) mesh body contains anti-ultraviolet chemical components, which can absorb ultraviolet light and effectively extend the service life.

  Appearance effect The application of the two-color mesh, while reducing pollution, has the effect of beautifying the urban environment to the extreme. The dust suppression effect of the single-layer anti-dust net can reach 65~85. The setting of the patented double-layer net can greatly improve the effect of windproof and dust suppression, and the dust suppression effect can reach more than 90%, which effectively restrains the generation of secondary dust.

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