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What Is The Principle Of Insect Protection Net?

Update:31 Dec

  Insect protection net is a new type of agricultural covering material. It is made of high-quality polyethylene, added with anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet, and other chemical additives, and is woven by wire drawing, which looks like a window screen. It has the characteristics of tensile resistance, water resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, non-toxic and tasteless, etc. It is light and portable, and the correct storage life can reach about 3-5 years.

  Insect protection net, also known as ethylene insect protection net, vegetable greenhouse insect protection net, etc., is a new and practical environmentally friendly agricultural technology for increasing production. It can effectively control the spread of various pests and prevent the spread of virus diseases. It can regulate the temperature, soil temperature, and humidity, and the insect protection net can transmit light, moderate shading, and ventilate, which can create suitable favorable conditions for crop growth, ensure that the use of chemical pesticides in vegetable fields is greatly reduced, and the output of crops can be of high quality. , Hygiene, provides a strong technical guarantee for the development and production of pollution-free green agricultural products.

  For vegetable production, 20-60 mesh is suitable, and the width is 1-4 meters, and the appropriate specifications are selected. The specifications of the organic vegetable insect protection net include width, aperture, wire diameter, color, etc. Pay special attention to the pore size; the mesh is large, and the anti-insect effect cannot be achieved; if the mesh is small, the shading is too much, which is unfavorable to the growth of the crop. At present, the suitable mesh size is 20-60 mesh, the wire diameter is 0.15-0.18 mm, the width is 1.2-4 meters, and it is white. If you need to strengthen the shading effect, you can choose a black insect protection net. Silver-gray insect protection net has a better effect on avoiding aphids.

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