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What Kind Of Tensile Strength Does The Sunshade Net Have

Update:24 Feb

  Sunshade net has a wide range of uses and functions. It can not only shade in summer, keep warm in winter, but also shelter from wind and rain in rainy and snowy weather. Because of its good properties, it is deeply loved by people. So how does it keep out the wind? We know that the pulling ability of the wind is very strong. The answer is that it has a very good tensile strength. Today, the sunshade net manufacturer will show you.

  The function of a sunshade net is that it needs to be supported and laid, so the product must have a certain tensile capacity because it has to resist the wind and the pulling force during laying all the year-round, so when we buy a sunshade net, in addition to the number of needles and quality Aspects of the requirements, but also to understand its tensile capacity.

  The main material of the sunshade net is polyethylene plastic, which has good corrosion resistance and long service life. Polyethylene has good rigidity, hardness, and strength, and more importantly, its tensile strength is very high. Well, the sunshade net has a strong tensile ability, plays a great role in blocking the wind, and has a good use effect.

  Good quality sunshade net is recognized by everyone. If it has undergone strict quality inspection, it can ensure that the product has better performance and better guarantee its performance and life. Most people will choose it. After all, the sunshade net is an it is widely used in agricultural practice.

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