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What Should Be Paid Attention To When Laying The Inspect Protection Net

Update:16 Sep

  The installation of an insect protection net is very simple, but you still need to pay attention to some details when laying. Pay attention to these details to play a greater role in the product. The product's original covering cultivation method is a new and practical environmental protection agricultural technology that increases production. , covering it on the scaffolding also forms an isolation barrier, which blocks the pests out of the net, cuts off the breeding routes of the pests, and effectively controls the occurrence of various pests and diseases. Today, DONGHE plastic net manufacturer mainly gives everyone Introduce the precautions when laying, I hope to help the majority of growers.

  The following points need to be paid attention to when laying the insert protection net:

  1. The tighter the frame of the shed is, the better. Remember to leave an extra meter at both ends. If the break is broken, it can be reconnected.

  2. It is best to soak the pillars with asphalt before using them to prevent the pillars from being corroded in the future.

  3. The cement pillars around the shelf can be buried and used for many years. The pillars can only be buried in the same year and used in the same year.

  4. If the net is damaged, two pieces are sewn into one piece. Nylon thread or fine iron wire is required for sewing. The fixed position of the connection is about 50 cm, which is the most suitable.

  5. It is necessary to measure the length of the land in advance. The length of the net must be greater than the length of the land because the net is elastic and cannot be completely straightened. These small details still need to be paid attention to.

  Reasonable use of insect protection net is very necessary. If you need to recommend you order from us, welcome to inquire!

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