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Why Does The Insect Protection Network?

Update:21 Jan

  When it comes to the role of the greenhouse insert protection net, it is mainly to prevent insects, prevent diseases, adjust the temperature and soil temperature, humidity, and shade from strong light. Why does the insert protection net have such a powerful effect? It is mainly related to the insert protection net specification.

  1. Insect prevention: After vegetables are covered with an insect protection net, it can avoid the damage of various pests such as cabbage caterpillars, diamondback moth, cabbage armyworm, Spodoptera litura, flea beetle, ape leaf beetle, aphids, and so on. According to the test, the control effect of insect protection net on cabbage caterpillar, diamondback moth, cowpea pod borer, and Liriomyza Sativa is 94--97% and the control effect on aphids is 90%.

  2. Disease prevention: Virus disease is a catastrophic disease on a variety of vegetables, mainly transmitted by insects, especially aphids. Because the insect protection net cuts off the main transmission route of pests, the infection of vegetable viruses is greatly reduced, and the control effect is about 80%.

  3. Adjust the temperature, soil temperature, and humidity: The test shows that in the hot July-August, in the 25-mesh white inspect protection net, the temperature in the morning and evening is the same as the open field, while the noon on a sunny day is about 1℃ lower than the open field. From March to April in early spring, the temperature in the shed covered by the inspect protection net is 1-2°C higher than that in the open field, and the temperature in the 5 cm ground is 0.5-1°C higher than that in the open field, which can effectively prevent frost. The insect protection net room can reduce the precipitation in the net room when it rains, and can reduce the evaporation in the net room on sunny days.

  4. Shielding from strong light: In summer, the light intensity is high, and strong light will inhibit the vegetative growth of vegetable crops, especially leafy vegetables. There is an insect protection net, which can play a certain role in shading and preventing direct light from strong light, 20-22 mesh silver-gray The general shading rate of insect protection net is 20-pay attention to the aperture when purchasing insect protection net. In vegetable production, 20-32 meshes are appropriate.

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