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The Method Of Building Hail Protection Net

Update:30 Sep

  At present, there are three ways for ordinary people to build a hail protection net! Horizontal building mode, roof building mode, unilateral inclined plane building mode.

  1 horizontal construction mode

  The horizontal building method has high utilization efficiency for hail prevention net, and it is relatively convenient and easy to build, but it is not as good as the roof building method in terms of the stability and rationality of the frame. In addition, after the hail is blocked by interception and buffering, the effect of timely sliding from the net surface is not ideal.

  When building the hail-proof net, it is necessary to design the distance between different poles according to different building methods and widths, to ensure the stability of the net and its effective protection against hail.

  2. Roof-type building method

  Roof-type construction mode, the included angle between the slope of the roof and the horizontal plane is controlled at 20 ~ 30, and the gap between the two rows of nets is set between the trees so that the intercepted hail particles can roll down to the ground between the trees along the net surface. When building the roof type and the one-sided inclined plane, we should pay attention to the fact that the projected area of the net is smaller than the actual area because of the angle of the net, so the utilization efficiency of the net is lower than that of the horizontal type.

  Roof-type building mode, when building, the height h of the middle bracket is higher than the side of the height h of the side bracket, thus forming a roof-type angle. When building, it is necessary to ensure that the sum of the lengths L of the two bevels at the top of the roof is equal to or slightly smaller than the width of the hail net.

  3. One-sided inclined plane construction mode

  The unilateral slope type construction method should refer to the main wind direction in previous years or this season when a hail disaster struck, and the construction slope should face the wind direction. When building, the included angle between the inclined plane and the horizontal direction is between 20 and 30, to improve the hail protection effect.

  In one-sided inclined-plane construction mode, the height above the ground of the support on both sides in the width direction is different, and it is divided into H-high and H-low. Moreover, this construction mode is generally not suitable for building with a wide hail net. When building, the included angle can be determined according to the actual terrain, but the length L of the hypotenuse must be equal to or slightly smaller than the width of the net.

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